It is easy to think that we are not artists and that art is not for us. How many times do we think that we can’t draw or can’t draw as well as what we see others do? Yet, I want to show you how easy it can be to learn how to draw. In a couple of easy steps, you too can learn how to draw this new pattern called Machy-Wachy.

There is a fun story behind this pattern or “Tangle” as we say in the Zentangle® Method.

As you may (or may not) know, English is not my first language. In my classes, I often ask my students questions about some words or idioms. I always love to learn ways to improve my English or discover new vernacular and cultural quirks. I am passionate about learning about cultures, languages, and stories that make our whole world so incredible in its diversity.

One day, as I was introducing this new pattern I had come up with in class, we discussed the expression “wishy-washy”. I had heard it but did not know what it meant. Unfortunately, and it ended up being quite funny, I could not remember how to say it. I kept trying different ways of saying: “wachy-wachy” “woshy-washy” etc. My students did not know at first what I was trying to say! You have to know that, for me, the difference, in sound, between the “sh” and the “ch” sound is so close as to be nill, notably due to my hearing loss. My students had a blast trying to figure out what I meant and then explain it and spell it for me.

It was such a wonderful time and a precious memory as we talked and drew together. When it was time to name this tangle, I knew I had the perfect name for it.

Thus was born Machy-Wachy.

It takes only a few steps to draw it.

How to draw Machy Wachy

  • You start with two parallel lines. I tend to draw them horizontally but you can do it vertically if it is easier.
  • Then you draw a series of perpendicular lines. The lines alternate. One that starts from the top line and stops a little bit short of the bottom line. The next one starts from the bottom line and stops a little bit short of the top line. You continue this step until you have reached the end of the first two parallel lines you drew. Up to this point, it is like the Tangle Doo Dah (You can find instructions on how to draw it here).
  • The next step is where it becomes a “tangleation” of Doo Dah. You now add diagonal lines to the lines you just drew. It will create triangles.
  • Finally, you fill these triangles (or not).

That’s it! Simple, right?

Here is an image of the Step-outs (or step-by-step instructions) of Machy-Wachy

How to draw Machy-Wachy

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PS2: If you don’t know where to start, this mini-course can help you start being more creative.