Useful list of Zentangle Challenges and creative prompts

Feb 17, 2023 | English, Practice, Resources

Today, I want to share with you a list of Zentangle challenges, creative prompts and other interesting or fun challenges to help you with your creative practice.

Usually, when you start drawing with the Zentangle® Method, you are looking for resources to practice regularly. There are a lot of resources online on social platforms, on the website or look for online classes from a Certified Zentangle Teacher.

Why Zentangle Creative Challenges ?

The Zentangle Method™ is an easy to learn process of creating beautiful images from structured patterns. It’s a fun and relaxing way to create art and express yourself.

And Zentangle challenges are a great way to stretch your creative muscles and get the creative juices flowing. They can help you explore new ideas, get creative with tangling and explore a variety of different tangling styles.

Therefore, I’ve tried to compile all the Zentangle challenges and other creative projects in this article.

Bookmark this page to keep this resource handy for those days when you don’t know what to do or download the PDF , both will be updated regularly.

First, let’s start with the recurring yearly Zentangle challenges and creative prompts by months.

The Zentangle Method has a wide variety of challenges, from beginner to advanced. Ultimately, when tackling a Zentangle challenge, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the process. Don’t forget to take your time and let your imagination run wild.

Every year, you will find a couple recurring Zentangle Challenges and creative prompts that are spread out throughout the year. While I list here the most popular ones, I may have forgotten some. If you know of other ones I may have missed, please let me know in the comments below.

torn paper with challenge yourself text on paper below to express how creative challenges can help you

1- January Zentangle Challenges

In January, you usually have two challenges going on:


You can find the Zenuary challenge hosted by Anoeska Waardenburg, CZT  on her Etsy shop. It is a PDF that offers a series of Zentangle prompts for the 31 days of January. Although these prompts can work any time of the year!

A Fragment of Your Imagination.

Debbie New, CZT (@tangled.pursuits) on Instagram hosts this fragments-based challenge yearly. As you may know, fragments are part of the Zentangle Method and represents fragments of patterns as the name suggests. Normally, during this challenge, there is a new fragment every day to jumpstart your creative practice.

2- February Zentangle Challenges


In February you can find one of the oldest Zentangle challenge called Valentangle. Valentangle is hosted by Margerite Samama, CZT. Until the next event is live, you can find the latest PDF in her Esty shop.

Just so that you know, this challenge starts early February and finishes on Valentine’s Day. Thus, it naturally has a lot of hearts in it!

But, of course, you can start it at any time of the year. As the Beatles would say, “All you need is love”. 😉

3- March Zentangle Challenges

Women Tangle Week

Women Tangle Week is a 7-days challenge hosted by two Spanish CZTs Pilar Pulido et Sara Ponce. And it takes place on Instagram during the week of Mar 1-8, ending on International Women’s Day.

Find the 2023 Women Tangle Week challenge on Pilar’s or Sara’s Instagram accounts. Additionally, you can also check this hashtag #womentangleweek2023 on Instagram to see lovely, tangled work.

Furthermore, there should be a 2024 version of it, don’t forget to check back late Februar 2024 on Pilar’s or Sarah’s Instagram account. It is such a short but wonderful challenge!


Tanglefolie is the first French Zentangle challenge and is based on both the Zentangle Method and the French language.

French speaking CZTs host this challenge every year during the week of the French language and the Francophonie (17-26 March 2023): Tanglefolie lasts 10 days.

Just know that, each day of the challenge, you will discover 1 word, 1 tangle and 1 suggestion to play with.

You can find a French and an English version.

ink drawing that looks like mountain from the Tanglefolie creative challenge

4- April Zentangle Challenges


Buldiz is a challenge created by two French CZTs Kim Mouzon and Stephanie Bordeau to mark their CZT seminar anniversary. You can find more information on either Kim’s or Stephanie’s Instagram accounts.


AusTangles is a celebration of the Zentangle Method using tangles deconstructed by Australian CZTs and/or Australian Zentangle artists. So, Australia CZTs invite the rest of the world to tangle along with them for 12 days.

The 2023 edition is taking place April 19th-30th 2023, you can find out more here: AusTangles on Facebook.

5- May Zentangle Challenges

Mental Health Awareness Month – Zentangle

For the second time, Zentangle, Inc chose to offer a project for the month of May. The month of May is called Mental Health Awareness Month in the US.

Also, the Zentangle Method can help with mental health. Thus, Zentangle, Inc creates resources during the month of May that are free and easily accessible (blog posts, YouTube videos etc.). As Zentangle, Inc said, “Our desire in this series was to explore the Zentangle Method as a supportive tool for mental health and to highlight stories of those using the Zentangle Method in their own mental health journey.”

You can find all the information for the 2022 version on the Zentangle blog. And the 2023 Blog version started on May 11th, you can find the videos on the Zentangle YouTube channel.

6- June Zentangle Challenges

To You Tangle

To You Tangle is hosted by the Japanese CZTs during the June Japanese rainy season to help boost your creativity. Generally, they posts prompts every other day. The prompts are very poetic and results in lovely and original tangled work.

We don’ all live in the same part of the world and our climates are different. Feeling the blues or too much gray skies and rain lately in your part of the world? Try this challenge for a change!

7- July Zentangle Challenges

To the best of my knowledge there are no July Zentangle challenges. If you know any, let me know in the comments.

8- August Zentangle Challenges

In 2022, Tina Raymaekers CZT hosted a Zinchie challenge. I am not sure yet if there will be a 2023 edition. Check back with Tina when the time comes.

9- September Zentangle Challenges


Autangle takes its name for the season of Autumn, spreading the color palette of autumn by adding flavour with Zentangle® art. You can find more information on this challenge hosted by two CZTs from India Maya Avanith and Sweta Dalal on Facebook or Instagram

10- October Zentangle Challenges

Zentangle Inktober

This challenge is based on the famous Inktober challenge created by Jake Parker ( Stephanie Jennifer CZT created Zentangle Prompts to go along with the Inktober challenge. You can find more information about this challenge on Stephanie’s Instagram account.


Octotangle is a Zentangle-based challenge hosted by Alice Hendon CZT. I don’t know if there will be a 2023 edition.

11- November Zentangle Challenges


Noventangle is a challenge hosted by two French CZTs Pauline Hanfi and Karen Rutter CZT. A challenge in French to help you learn new tangle and how to use them in your artwork.


This was a challenge hosted by Lisa Anderson CZT. It centered around the Zentangle Method and a practice of gratitude during the month of November. Check on Lisa’s Instagram account to see if there will be a 2023 edition.

12- December Zentangle Challenges

12 Days of Zentangle

This is one of the most followed and first Zentangle based project hosted by the founders of the Method, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. It takes place every year in December. You can find all the previous editions on the Zentangle website or the Zentangle You Tube channel (see playlists for Project Packs # 4, 7, 12, 16, 19…)

Here is the wrap-up video of one of my favorites :

Now Let’s talk about longer or ongoing challenges or prompts.

Some challenges and prompts last more than a few days. Following this challenges or prompts can be a way to find creative inspiration regularly. I have included here a couple Zentangle challenges lasting over the course of several weeks, as well as creative and Zentangle ongoing prompts.

Longer Zentangle Challenges or Ongoing Creative Prompts

ZenmaGiCal Spring Festival (25 Jan – 8 Mar)

Originally, CZTs from India hosted this challenge ‘in preparation for spring’. Now, it offers regular live videos and prompts during the months of January to March. It’s an initiative by the Zen Gulf Café and its world-wide CZTs to promote creativity and spread a little sunshine & Zen and you can find more information on the Facebook group: Zen maGiCal Spring Festival 2023 | Facebook

Festina Lente (7 weeks, February-April)

Festina Lente is a challenge hosted by Arja de Lange-Huisman CZT from the Netherland. It is a series of tangles prompts to help you create Zentangle® (inspired) drawings during 7 weeks of Lent. You can buy the PDF on Arja’s Etsy shop.

Full Moon Mosaic

This challenge is based on the Full moon and is hosted by Hanni Nura CZT. You receive a new prompt each month always one week before the moon is full. It is usually a tangle and a string that you can use for inspiration. You can then post your work and get inspired by the many amazing work posted on the Facebook group. Find more information on Hanny Nura’s Fullmoonmosaic | Facebook group.

Step Out Of the Month (SOOTM)

Join the ConZentric Team in playing with a brand-new tangle every month. Get the step-out to an as yet unpublished tangle each month in your in-email box, and post your artwork in the SOOTM Facebook group. You can also sign up to SOOTM here:

Today’s Tangle : Keeping it Classic

If you are a Zentangle beginner, this is for you. This is an ongoing (and probably one of the oldest) weekly prompt using the classic Zentangle Method with 4 pencil dots, pencil string, pencil border and only original tangles from Zentangle, Inc.

This weekly challenge was started by Sandy Kelley-Jones CZT. Whether you are just starting out or like to go back to the basics regularly, this challenge is a staple.

Find more information on the Facebook group Today’s Tangles: Keeping it Classic | Facebook

Pencil pouch notebook with Zentangle based ink drawn flower

Other creative projects that can be applied to your Zentangle practice:

I decided to include these two projects here as I have seen amazing work being created with these challenges. They are both on my bucket list.

100Day project

Thousands of people participate every year. This project is based on a simple idea: choose a creative project and do it every single day for 100 days.

It was started by Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thomas in 2014 on Instagram. They also gave credit to Michael Bierut, a prolific talented designer, writer, and teacher at Yale School of Art who in 2007 led a group of students in a workshop called “The 100 Day of Project”.

If you search the hashtag #100dayproject, you will find many different ways people commit to this 100day project.

Find out more about it on: Art Community | #The100DayProject

You can see a tangled work example of the project from the CZT Lynn Mead: Lynn Mead, CZT on Instagram

365 project

This project is similar to the 100Day Project. Instead of 100 day, you commit to create every day for 365 days. Not everyone can follow up on creating so regularly, but everyone who has finished such a project talks about the real transformation that happens from committing to such a long project. Have you tried it already?

Over the years, I have participated in a few of these Zentangle challenges and creative prompts. So far, my favorites have been Valentangle, Inktober and Tanglefolie. There are still some I haven’t tried yet.

This list almost certainly does not cover it all, as groups and projects change over time.

If you want more support with your creative Zentangle practice, consider joining the Club ArtsAmuse (in French or in English).

There are so many benefits to regularly practicing the Zentangle method.

I hope this give you the inspiration to continue to practice and draw regularly with the Zentangle Method.

As I wrapped up this article, I got curious though, which challenge is your favorite?


PS. If you see something that you think should be added, let me know in the comments.

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