Walking the Labyrinth

Walking the Labyrinth

As I continue to share how to draw Labyrinths in class, I wanted to share with you this work on a classical Man In a Maze Labyrinth. As usual I like the approach of hand drawing the labyrinth, it allows me to let go of the idea of a perfect shape. I just walk the...

Labyrinth exploration

I am just sharing an image today. Walk the labyrinth for me please. Je partage juste une image aujourd’hui. — “We enter a labyrinth to find our center, we enter a maze to loose ourselves…”

Tenacity |Ténacité – 3

Here is another example of a class series exploring tenaciously and in depth a new technique: the DUAL COLOR TILE. –> You can read more about the importance of tenacity and this series of blog posts here. Voici un autre exemple de séries de cours explorant en...

E40 Masculine-Feminine

As we explore the subject of the Muse or Inspiration through a series of episodes, we thought it would be interesting to look at the concept of masculine/feminine and how that affects our creativity and our inspiration. All throughout the world, time and culture,...