Learn a new tangle : Finegogh

Learn a new tangle : Finegogh

Pour le français voir plus bas. This was born of a class series three years ago. I teach these in-depth class series: we study a tangle for three or four weeks in a row, exploring what else we can do with it. The curiosity that comes from asking ourselves this kind of...

Labyrinth exploration

I am just sharing an image today. Walk the labyrinth for me please. Je partage juste une image aujourd’hui. — “We enter a labyrinth to find our center, we enter a maze to loose ourselves…”

Tangled insomnia | Un peu d’insomnie et je tangle

It happens to all, I know, life throws us curve balls sometimes. I pretty much feel like I am being tumbled in a washer lately.. so many things happening and my thoughts go all over the place and my feelings follow. Unexpectedly, I had a sleepless night (or two 🙂...

5 minutes pause

Every day throughout our day we have a choice: move through life being focused and mindful or letting life pass by with its busy-ness. There are always ressources available online, in books, through teachers to help us be more present. But, maybe, it just starts first...