Labyrinth exploration

I am just sharing an image today. Walk the labyrinth for me please. Je partage juste une image aujourd’hui. — “We enter a labyrinth to find our center, we enter a maze to loose ourselves…”

Embedded letters | Lettres inscrites

I have been hooked on embedded letters. It is a somewhat recent trend in the Zentangle Method®️ world. It is just plain fun. But eventually I wanted to be able to to frame them, to feel like I could manage how they evolved on my paper. Make them self standing in a...

Just draw? | Dessine?

This week is a reminder (especially to myself) to ‘just draw’. There are times when finding inspiration or taking the time to draw seems daunting. I found out that simply taking your pen and paper and drawing (it does not matter what) is a way to be more...