Workshops description

Corporate Events, Retreats and Conventions

Zentangle is an ideal way to promote team building, enhance group dynamics and appreciation, provide break-out sessions during conventions, or encourage creative exploration during retreats.

Enjoy fun, creative, and inspiring events in which you and your team not only create works of art but also discover a newfound sense of well-being. Enhance your creativity, self-esteem, confidence, and focus as you relax and draw.

Cost: based on group size; contact us for more information.

Individual/Group classes


This class will introduce you to the Zentangle drawing method. A two-hour workshop that will cover the history, the applications, and the steps of creating an original Zentangle tile. A class for all levels that requires no prior artistic experience.


Build on what you learned in the Zentangle Intro class and continue your journey by gaining additional depth and understanding of the Zentangle method. These classes will help you expend your patterns library and techniques. We will also discuss ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art). Bring supply kit from Zentangle Basics class.

Beyond Basics class examples:

Under the Shade

Come look into what shading with your pencil does to your tile once you’ve finished tangling. You will learn tangles that have unique shading options and see how they transform your work. Let yourself be surprised by how much shading can change the quality of your tile.


Appreciate the simplicity and beauty of a one-tangle tile. Learn tangles that work well with this particular approach. Take time to be in the now and just draw.

String exploration

Exploring the path of strings. This basic skill brings a lot of depth to your Zentangle art. Students will learn how to confidently work with pencil, paper and the strings they create. Incorporating different tangles into interesting shapes, you open yourself up to opportunities and surprises. Let the string dictate the journey.

Which tangle?

Have you ever wondered which tangle to use next? This class will look into different possible scenarios. A fun exercise to play with and add to your on-going Zentangle practice.

Black Tile Introduction

Play on reversing the role, a fun alternative for creating Zentangle art. This class teaches you the interesting techniques of using white pens on black tiles. Learn how to work with gel pens, finish with white chalk and play with layering techniques. We will look into tangles that lend themselves to interesting results when working on the black paper.

Explore the Border

This class will explore tangles that work well with borders and learn how to incorporate the string into this new format. Become inspired to create borders for mattes on frames, greeting cards, signs, place cards and more. Class will focus on making greeting cards. This is a great way to show of all your tangling skills to your friends and family.

Renaissance Tiles Introduction

Working with tan paper, black and brown pens, and more tools, we will take a journey back in time. Looking into the iconic characteristics of the Renaissance Masters’ drawings, we will extrude from it the techniques that make these works of art so recognizable. Another captivating path on your Zentangle practice journey.

We would love to see you at one of our Zentangle classes. Classes are typically for all levels, but we do suggest taking our Zentangle Intro class or having some prior experience using the Zentangle method before taking our other offerings. Feel free to contact us with questions.