Our new podcast adventure!

Conversations meant to inspire you to make time for creative self-care.

We want to help you:

  • Find ways to increase your internal focus
  • Explore new paths to relaxation
  • Broaden you creative thinking
  • Grow your confidence in your creative self

Interested?   Join us on this journey!

–> New Episodes can be found here: www.tanglepod.com

Kellie and I are hosting this series of podcast on all things creative.

You want to learn more about balance, new tangles, creative practice, strings, dots, borders and more? we’ve got you covered.

Kellie and I met through Zentangle® – we are both Certified Zentangle Teachers™.

We are so lucky in our area to have a group of very supportive CZTs. We meet regularly and share about all things Zentangle (or not). We welcome help, suggestions, learning new techniques or tangles that we can then all share with our students. This is also one of the things about the Zentangle that people don’t usually see at first: the community.

This non-visual part of the Zentangle Method® that encompasses things like relaxation, balance, community, sharing, is what brought Kellie and I together.

We enjoyed sharing with each other, our experience about our Zentangle practice and our teaching journey. Our conversations always spanned so many subjects, questions we or our students had about a creative pursuit, talking about relaxation, life balance, work balance, materials, books, new tangles, old tangles, you name it.

The idea for TanglePod was born from these conversations.

We hope you are going to enjoy it as much as we do.


You can learn more about Kellie on her website: www.soundtangle.com

Of course we welcome comments and questions.

You can reach us for all things TanglePod at contact(at)tanglepod.com

PODCAST DISCLAIMER:  This podcast is prepared by ArtsAmuse and Soundtangle and their respective owners in their personal capacity as enthusiasts of creative endeavors and well-being.

This podcast is provided for entertainment purposes only. We make no representations that our reminders, anecdotes, lessons or creative exercises are appropriate for everyone.  We make no representation to the completeness, suitability or validity of any information on this podcast and will not be liable for errors omissions or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its use.

When appropriate we make every effort to acknowledge and attribute inspiration and ideas if someone shared them with us, however many creative ideas stem from multiple sources and we may not be aware if particular ideas have been discussed elsewhere whether in writing, audio, visual or online media.

All content contained in this podcast and the accompanying blogs are copyright of their respective owners, and maybe used for your personal inspiration only, and may not be copied or attributed for use to anyone other than TanglePod, ArtsAmuse or SoundTangle.

ArtsAmuse and SoundTangle disclaim any and all liability or responsibility for any direct, indirect, consequential or other damages arising out of any individual’s use of, reference to, reliance on, or inability to use this podcast or the information presented in this podcast.

This entire disclaimer also applies to any guests or contributors to the podcast or blog.


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