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Mar 16, 2023 | English, Practice, Resources

Are you looking for a creative challenge that combines art and language? Do you want to celebrate the diversity and richness of the French language? Do you want to have fun and relax with a pen, a pencil and some paper? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want to join the Tanglefolie 2023 creative challenge!

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Tanglefolie is a challenge for French and Zentangle fans, that invites you to create beautiful images using the Zentangle Method™ and the French language.

But don’t worry, you can join the challenge even if you don’t speak the language or know the method yet!

What is the Zentangle Method?

The Zentangle Method is a way of creating beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. These patterns are called tangles and they are made of simple shapes such as dots, lines, curves and orbs. The Zentangle Method is easy to learn, relaxing and fun.

To create a drawing with the Zentangle Method, you need a pen, a pencil and paper. And then you draw a border and a string with a pencil and then fill in the spaces with different tangles (patterns) using a pen. You don’t need to plan ahead or erase anything. You just enjoy the process of drawing one stroke at a time.

Zentangle® effectively couples many of the benefits of art and meditation by allowing you to concentrate your awareness, quiet your mental chatter, and get into a creative state.

image de quelqu'un qui dessine avec un stylo sur du papier

Some of the benefits of Zentangle are:

Stress relief: Zentangle can help you calm down and cope with anxiety, frustration, and negative emotions. It can also improve your sleep quality by drawing with the Zentangle Method before bedtime.

Self-esteem: Zentangle can help you increase your confidence by showing you that you can create something beautiful and unique with simple tools and steps.

Creativity: Zentangle can help you nurture and develop your creativity by encouraging you to experiment with different patterns, shapes, and colors. It can also inspire you to apply your creativity to other areas of your life.

Focus: Zentangle can help you improve your attention span and concentration by requiring you to pay attention to each stroke and pattern. It can also enhance your memory and problem-solving skills by stimulating your brain.

dessin en noir et blanc sur tissu basé sur la méthode zentangle

If you want to experience the benefits of Zentangle for yourself, you can join a creative Zentangle challenge that will guide you through the process and motivate you to practice regularly.

One such challenge is Tanglefolie, which combines the Zentangle method and the French language.

What is Tanglefolie?

Tanglefolie is hosted by French CZTs (Certified Zentangle Teachers) every year during the week of the Francophonie, which is an annual event in March that celebrates the French language and culture around the world. The challenge consists of 10 days of drawing tangles (patterns) inspired by words related to Francophone culture.

Each day, participants receive a word, a tangle and a suggestion to guide their creativity.

The inspiration behind Tanglefolie came from the desire to create a Zentangle challenge for the French-speaking Zentangle community. In fact, when I was certified in 2013, there were very few French-speaking CZTs and I was even the first French CZT! Immediately after my certification, I decided to promote the Zentangle method in the French-speaking world.

When I started translating the CZT seminars into French and helping other French speakers to become CZTs, I thought it would be a great adventure to create a challenge that could be hosted by French speaking CZTs.

The idea of the challenge was born from the Dis Moi Dix Mots program, which invites everyone to play with ten words in a literary and/or artistic form. Each year, you will find a booklet (be mindful: automatic download) in French with short stories written for the occasion and an educational booklet also in French.

Three years ago, this program inspired me to create the first francophone creative challenge, Tanglefolie.

EN - Image with drawings made during the creative challenge Tanglefolie 2021 
FR - Iimage avec des dessins réalisés lors du défi créatif Tanglefolie 2021
Tangled artwork for the Tanglefolie 2021 creative challenge

Did you know? Zentangle is a wonderful way to relax, express yourself and have fun with art.

By participating in a creative Zentangle challenge like Tanglefolie 2023, you can also learn new words, discover new cultures and connect with other Francophiles and Zentangle enthusiasts.

You don’t need any artistic experience or expensive materials to join.

All you need is a pen, a pencil, a paper and the willingness to play with words.

Can I do the challenge in another language?

The Tanglefolie challenge is specifically designed for the French language and Francophone culture, however there is a translated version in English of the Tanglefolie 2023 PDF.

Additionnally, you can also use the daily tangles and suggestions and translate them to your language in an online translator.

How can I participate in the Tanglefolie 2023 creative challenge?

There are a couple ways to join the Tanglefolie 2023 creative challenge listed below. Remember you don’t need any special skills or materials to join, just a pen, a pencil and some paper.

To join the Tanglefolie 2023 creative challenge, you can:

Download the Tanglefolie 2023 PDF document in English : Tanglefolie 2023 .

Follow the participating CZTs live videos.

Even if you don’t speak the language, you can still watch the live video and should be able to follow along.

The challenge takes place from March 17-26. All the times are indicated in CET (Central European Time).

⭐️Friday 17 at 6.30pm CET – Christelle Mendelssohn

⭐️Saturday 18 at 6.30pm CET – Ingrid Darsonville Mouchel

⭐️Sunday 19 at 6.30pm CET – Lidia Fontaine

⭐️Monday 20 at 11.00am CET Isabelle Courbin

⭐️Tuesday 21 at 11.00am CET – Karen Rutter

⭐️Wednesday 22 at 6.30pm CET – Sylvie Lehaire

⭐️Thursday 23 at 6.30pm CET – Pauline Hanfi

⭐️Friday 24 at 11.00am CET – Alexandra Merlin

⭐️Saturday 25 at 6.30pm CET – Chantal Bacon

⭐️Sunday on 26 at 11.00am CET – Ludivine Schott

⭐️et Juliette/ArtsAmuse avec la mise à jour régulière sur ce blog et sur

Regularly Check the updated program.

This blog post will be updated daily with information for the duration of the challenge.

DAY 1: Année Lumière – Light Year

Tangle: Lightning Bolt – Suzanne Mc Neill CZT (How to draw LIGHTNING BOLT «

Prompt: Tangle as a string.

Live video: see the account @bezenandcreative sur IG

image of a black pen drawing of a zig-zag
image of drawing with a black pen of a zig-zag with a black with white dots background

DAY 2: Avant-Jour – Before Daylight, Twilight

Tangle: TwilightJody Genovese (

Prompt: Tangle more or less quickly. Make several tiles on Bijou and draw the tangle, for 30 sec, 1 min, 2 min, 3 min … choose some different timings and see what happens.

Live video : see the account @atelier_idehem

images drawn with a black pen with an octagon in the center and lines running diagonally more or less tightly.

DAY 3: Dare-Dare – Quickly

Tangle: Echoism – Zentangle (

Suggestion: Write the word in pencil on the tile before covering the tile with tangles. And reflect on this quote as you do so and see where it takes you.

“Sure, sure?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Then get out there quickly! The boat won’t wait for you!”

Something snapped inside me, all the energy I had accumulated over my sixteen years of existence poured into my brain, which went into overdrive.”

Tasha Rumley, L’heure du grand saut

Live video: see the account @lestraitszen

Image with Tasha Rumley's quote written in black pen and waves represented by the Echoism tangle which is a series of loops drawn in pen.

DAY 4 : Déjà Vu

Tangle :  IkshanaPryia Sabhlok (

Prompt: Slow down, take your time, breathe, wonder.  Find three ways to draw the tangle, slowing down as much as possible and letting your breath settle into that rhythm.

Live video: see the account @odiccreation

Image drawn with a black pen representing lines interrupted by bubbles or diamonds.

DAY 5 : Hivernage – Wintering

Tangle: BrrJulie Isaac (

Prompt: Change the scale – if you draw small – try to draw large and vice versa.

Live video: see the account @transeval_czt

image drawn with a pen representing a series of lines forming snowflakes.

DAY 6: Lambiner (To dawdle)

Tangle: Snail – Zentangle ( )

Prompt: Make your tiles pop: change the thickness of your lines from time to time.

Live video : see the account @ly.dessins

Image dessinée au stylo noir du Tangle Snail avec des spirales et des bulles

Jour 7: Plus-que-parfait (Pluperfect)

Tangle: Springkle – Zentangle ( )

Prompt: Use the embedded letters technique today and the tangle of the day on your tile. (See Kitchen Table Tangles: Embedded Letters – Zentangle).

Live video: see the account

image of pen drawn letters P,Q,P surrounded by countour lines.

Day 8: Rythmer (to pace, to keep time)

Tangle : Doodah – Zentangle ( )

Prompt: Change something: the scale? the line thickness? Add rounding?

What can you change? Find a way to draw this tangle differently.

Live video : see the account @padmerlin

Image drawn with a black pen of parallel lines that represent trees and the ground of a forest

Day 9 – Synchrone (synchronous)

Tangle :  Swimz – Sandra McKenny ( )

Suggestion: Change the thickness of your lines from time to time. Do you try to change pens to tangle, or do you play with line thickness? How does having different line thicknesses change your final design?

Live video: see the account @artsamuse

Image drawn with a black pen of swirly lines inside a shape representing the Tangle Swimz

Day 10 – Tic-Tac (Tik-Tok)

Tangle : Three and Three – Zentangle ( )

Suggestion : Let a little lightness come to your tile. Leave some white or play with the TransluZence and TranZendance techniques. (See TransluZENce – A Tangler’s Mind et Kitchen Table Tangles: TranZending – Zentangle).

Live video: see the account @artsamuse

Image drawn with a black pen of a frame and patterns drawn inside a frame

Are you ready for the Tanglefolie challenge?

Remember, the important thing is to have fun, enjoy the process and create something new.

It is never too late to start!



PS. Take advantage of the challenge to add tangles to your tangles’ directory. It’s always helpful for those days when you’re not inspired: just flip through your directory for ideas.

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