As this year comes to a close, I chose to reflect on the saying “everything is a learning experience”

I reflected on what we label as a “good” or “bad” experience and how it affects how we perceive what we experience or how we live that we experience.  I learned that the experience itself is neutral.

Two people living the same experience never experience it the same way.

We are all unique individuals; our experience is unique. (so is our creativity!)

Knowing that, it is interesting to notice what we call a “good” or “bad” experience and realize what this can teach us about ourselves. It may help us see how we think about what is happening to us. And it may helps us understand how that affects our experience of it.

I wonder how many times we experience our life not noticing being caught up in our judgements, in our thinking. How many times do we really see it for what it is as it is, without our labels or judgments?

My Zentangle Practice is a learning experience

This week, as I practiced with the Zentangle Method™, I decided to reflect daily on this expression. I tried to pay attention to my thoughts and the labels I put on what I was living or creating! Not that I want to control what I am thinking (who can?) but to pay more attention to what goes on in my mind. I realized that even just noticing, snapped me out of some of these judging moments way faster than usual. It helped me get back to center, to live more in the present and experience life more fully.

Everything is a learning experience

I have been practicing the Zentangle Method™ for over ten years and its philosophy of the “No Mistakes” came to my mind this week! If “everything is a learning experience” then it goes hand in hand with “there are no mistakes… only opportunities” … this will be worth exploring in another blog post!

I will leave you with this week reflection.

I would love to hear what you think about this saying “everything in life is a learning experience” and how you understand it.

Let me know in the comments below.

Talk to you soon,


Everything is a learning experience - Fragments

“the only source of knowledge is experience”

Albert Einstein

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