Answering listeners questions

In this episode Kellie and I decided to answer some of the questions we received from our listeners.

The first question was about how we worked on our Found Poems.

The second question was about how we find time for our creative pursuit(s).

Answering these questions had us look once more in depth into these subject and find a way to expand on time management, distractions, inspiration, mindfulness, differences and much more.

Questions are an essential part of creativity and connectedness. They represent our curiosity and imagination, they allow us to forge connection and share our knowledge. 

I am sharing today a tile with the tangle #rumpus as it represents for me all the connection we make whether with people we exchange with or in our own mind. Connections that go from place to place, from idea to idea, from sharing and laughing, growing the seed of our creativity, presence, kindness and humanity.

2018 ArtsAmuse Rumpus

Listen to our TanglePod episode here and don’t hesitate to send more questions our way.