As we explore the subject of the Muse or Inspiration through a series of episodes, we thought it would be interesting to look at the concept of masculine/feminine and how that affects our creativity and our inspiration.

All throughout the world, time and culture, opposite ‘forces’ are represented such as masculine/feminine, night/day, dark/light, sun/moon,etc.
This is also the concept of yin and yang in the Chinese medicine/culture.

These energies (forces, elements?) are a necessary part of human beings.
Each of us is using one or the other or both, all the time.
Always trying to find the equilibrium that suits us best, at the moment.
We need both side to make things whole.
I wonder how often we are conscious of which side we are using most at a certain moment.

Which side is helping us create?

Which side are we not using that could help us grow further as a creative?
Are we missing something by not always looking into finding balance?

In a culture that would feed us one side vs the I believe would lose something necessary.

This imbalance would eventually force us to acknowledge some vulnerability and learn to accept the side we may not use enough. If we need to be in touch with both sides of our nature, it would be what provides us with balance and helps with our creativity.

I also noticed that these energies are not only opposites, but they are interdependent.

There cannot be dark without light.

Let me make one thing clear in this reflection about Masculine/feminine that is it goes beyond male/female.

Here are common characteristics attributed to masculine and feminine:

Masculine characteristics: assertive, results oriented, analytical, competitive

Feminine characteristics: caring, patient, sensitive, connecting, conscious, communicating, compassionate

My question to you is this: where does this reflection on Masculine/Feminine take you?

Do you feel this duality in our human nature?

How does it impact your creativity?

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