This week Kellie and I re-issue the episode 17 Overwhelm with a new intro (updated discussion) and the E17 after show (usually available only to subscribers and patrons) as an all-together episode.

We wanted to explore again this topic as it seems particularly adapted.

As you will hear in the podcast, I am going through something that could be considered overwhelming. I have been dealing for quite some time but since about half-a-year with a very progressive hearing loss to the point of undergoing a cochlear implant surgery soon.

For those of you not familiar with it, it is an amazing device/technology that will be implanted behind the ear to help me hear again. I am very grateful to live in a place and time where this technology and the skilled surgical team is available next to me.

As a French person living in the US, I am sensitive to living a bi-cultural life. As I am now, at least partially, part of another culture (Deaf culture), I am trying to learn sign language as well. Unfortunately for me, sign language is not universal, and I will have to learn French and American sign language. But what an adventure!

This change has brought a lot of questioning about what impact it would have on our TanglePod adventure.

Guess what? None, whatsoever.

I have the best co-host ever! Kellie and I walk this path together and take it one step at a time. We explore solutions as we go, facing changes together and creatively looking for ways to continue to grow together as creatives and podcasters.

This is where the conversation was insightful – at least for me.  As we talked about creativity, overwhelm, life changes, etc. we investigate how to face overwhelm as peacefully and creatively as possible.

Have a listen and I would love to hear back from you on how you handle the overwhelm in your life.

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