What a day to enjoy a relaxing and fun Zentangle® Practice with family and friends. Sometimes a few moments of relaxation become precious shared memories!

Whenever I can I grab some paper and pens and enjoy sharing the joy of Zentangle with family or friends. I love that I don’t need much to create this moment of calm and relaxation.

What are your little joys associated with Zentangle?

Tangles : Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Dyon, ‘Nzeppel, Munchin, Cockles Mussels and Clams, Printemps

Enjoying Zentangle with Family and Friends
Enjoying Zentangle with Family and Friends 2  

Parfois quelques moments de détente deviennent de précieux souvenirs partagés!

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Et vous quels sont vos petits bonheurs liés à Zentangle?
Tangles | Motifs : crescent moon, hollibaugh, dyon, ‘Nzeppel, munchin, cockles mussels and clams, printemps