It’s day 7 of the TangleFolie challenge for the Francophonie 2021.

If you don’t know about this challenge, you can read more about it by reading the article introducing it, published here.

The theme of this year’s “Dis-moi Dix mots” is AIR.

“Dis-moi Dix mots” is an event organized by the French Department of Culture. The ten words are all related to the theme AIR. Read more about it here

We only have three days left. Time flies!

The word of the day is Foehn, the wind that comes from the mountains. And today, we are working on imagination. I am always fascinated by the diversity of our imaginations. And this challenge continues to prove to me how diverse it is as each of us.

Look at the varieties of tiles that have been produced by this challenge so far here or here !

If you haven’t ventured out, do so today. You don’t have to share your work. But go for it. However you explore this challenge, let your imagination soar, without judgment, without preconceived notions, go on a journey today.

You may be surprised, who knows?

DAY 7 TangleFolie 2021


The TANGLE: HURAKAN ( Hurakan –

“Hurakan was the Mayan god of wind and storms”

The PROMPT : Imagine yourself in the mountains and the foehn blows, what happens? Does it
change your string? Does it change the scale of the drawing? What do you want to add on your
tile today?

If you are a beginner, we suggest that you choose what you think will work best for you. Maybe choose one word or tangle or suggestion per day? Don’t try to do to do everything if it seems too much. You can see a short video of the TANGLE Pepper on day 4 here

This challenge is about having fun!

Here is my tile of the day

Tanglefolie 2021 Jour 7 Day 7

You can of course find more tiles about the Day 7 of the challenge Tanglefolie for the Francophonie 2021 online by searching with the challenge hashtag #tanglefolie

You can also read more on Ludivine’s blog and watch Ingrid’s videos here

As a reminder, the challenge Tanglefolie for the Francophonie takes place from March 11 to 21 and it is a challenge for word lovers that takes you on a journey with a pen, a pencil and some paper. It is never too late to start !

Download the PDF of the challenge in English here and in French here.

For those of you who don’t know the Zentangle® Method is a fun, relaxing and easy to learn method of creating beautiful images using basic elements like lines, dots and curves to draw patterns. These patterns are called Tangles and we draw them on a small piece of paper called a tile.

By practicing with the Zentangle method, many discover an increase in concentration and creativity as well as more self-confidence and an increased sense of well-being.

Zentangle is a trademark.

More information can be found at:

2021 Tanglefolie Blog Post Day 7