It’s day 3 of the TangleFolie challenge for La Francophonie 2021.

If you don’t know about this challenge, you can read more about it by reading the article introducing it, published here.

I hope you’ve had fun either participating or looking at the tiles created for this challenge.

What is your favorite day so far?

In any case, I’m inspired and excited by the tiles you’ve already shared!
Feel free, if you haven’t already, to share your tiles using the hashtag #tanglefolie, or publish them in the comments.

–> As a reminder, the challenge Tanglefolie for the Francophonie takes place from March 11 to 21 and it is a challenge for word lovers that takes you on a journey with a pen, a pencil and some paper.

Each day of the challenge I give you the WORD, the TANGLE and the SUGGESTION of the day. You will also find a link to discover the steps to draw the tangle of the day.

I also present you the tile(s) I drew for that day to accompany you on the journey.

Download the PDF of the challenge in English here and in French here.

DAY 3 TangleFolie 2021

The WORD: BULLER (to relax)

The TANGLE: TIPPLE (Tipple – )

The SUGGESTION : Slow down, take your time, breathe, relax. Find three ways to draw this tangle while
slowing down as much as possible and let your breath set the rhythm

If you are a beginner, we suggest that you choose what you think will work best for you. Maybe choose one word or tangle or suggestion per day? Don’t try to do to do everything if it seems too much. You can see a short video of the TANGLE REFLECTIONS on day 2 here

This challenge is about fun!

You can also see more information on Tipple on this wonderful blog article from Margaret Bremner, CZT (in English)

Buller, in French, means to do nothing.

This word evokes for me the pleasure of a moment of pause, generally in the sun, with a good book or a notebook and a pen to draw quietly. A moment of calm, for oneself, without constraint or time limit. Lately, I do not have enough of moments like that for myself. I so enjoyed taking my time with Tipple. It’s so easy to go fast and yet the more you slow down the more you relax while drawing Tipple.

A few bubbles on paper works wonders!

What does this word Buller evoke for you?

Let me know by writing a couple words in the comments section below.

Here are my tiles of the day

Tanglefolie 2021 Jour 3 Day 3 version a
Tanglefolie 2021 Jour 3 Day 3 version b
Tanglefolie 2021 Jour 3 Day 3 version c

You can of course find more tiles about the Day 3 of the challenge Tanglefolie for the Francophonie 2021 online by searching with the challenge hashtag #tanglefolie

You can watch a short demo video on how to draw Tipple here.

For those of you who don’t know the Zentangle® Method is a fun, relaxing and easy to learn method of creating beautiful images using basic elements like lines, dots and curves to draw patterns. These patterns are called Tangles and we draw them on a small piece of paper called a tile.

By practicing with the Zentangle method, many discover an increase in concentration and creativity as well as more self-confidence and an increased sense of well-being.

Zentangle is a trademark.

More information can be found at:

2021 Tanglefolie Blog Post Day 3