Yes, you don’t have to be Picasso to be an artist. Let me explain why and help you find ways to access your inner artist.

I have volunteered in schools for years, teaching art classes and classes based on the Zentangle Method™.

Every year I notice the same thing. I teach all type of grade levels, but there is always the same pattern. The younger students are eager to learn and explore. They dare everything, there isn’t a creative path that they are not keen on travelling. As the students become older, things change. Students are more and more self-conscious, compare each other and their works and creativity dies down a little more each year for the majority of students. Only a handful of students continue to keep that joy of exploring what they have in them and are willing to put it on paper.

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What is creativity?

The definition of creativity is the ability to create or to bring into existence. Teaching these classes, I saw students dig deep into themselves and find ideas or projects or art to bring into existence. At first, they did not let judgment of others, or their own, temper this need to create. I believe this need to create is an essential part of what makes us human beings.

Unfortunately, as we grow up, we often prevent ourselves from accessing this source and expressing this need. I sometimes wonder if this is something that most people miss later in their life but don’t realize how important it is. Do you judge yourself ? Do you make room for your creativity?

What is an artist?

The definition of an artist is a person who creates art (such as painting, sculpture, music, or writing) using conscious skill and creative imagination or a person who is very good at something. If I look at the definition of art, it is a skill acquired by experience, study, or observation. Obviously, we often think of artist as an Artist with a capital A, someone like Picasso for example. And it is true, Picasso was an amazing artist. Someone who studied and observed and experimented with creating in many ways throughout many years. You could say that with years of experience comes also skills. It is also true that some are more skilled than others.

But does it mean that you should not study, observe, experience to grow your skills? Does it mean you have to be Picasso to be an artist? Of course not !

Yet we often prevent ourselves from trying even before we start. We let our judgment come in the way and say we could never do that.

Is the goal to all become Picassos or is it to enjoy ourselves exploring, studying, observing and experimenting ?

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This frame is for your art : what will it be ?

Can we be an artist even though we are not Picasso?

Yes ! I truly believe you can be an artist. And it starts with a first dot, a first line on the paper.

Or it can start with a first step, running, gardening, cooking, climbing or whatever rocks your boat !

A couple years ago, I became a Certified Zentangle Teacher™. I started teaching this easy-to-learn and relaxing method and have seen so many people uncover their own creative potential that I am still in awe of it. I still enjoy teaching and accompanying people on this road of discovery because uncovering this deep well of creativity that we all have in us is a magical experience. Whether it is through the Zentangle Method or running, climbing or something else, don’t wait to start, it is so worth it.

Here is a quote that for me describes what happens when you start practicing with the Zentangle Method:

“There’s not a word yet, for old friends who’ve just met.”

― Jim Henson, Favorite Songs from Jim Henson’s Muppets

What can you do ?

You might just have started on the path and discover your creativity but don’t you feel like it was already there and you just did not see it until now?

It may seem a bit rusted that skill or even not even there but at the same time you can feel there is something, something you can explore, right? The same way if you decide to be more creative than you were, before you let “life” or your judgment get in the way, once you start, things change and they change for the better.

So please, don’t give up being creative until you try the Zentangle Method or whatever will help you start on this road.

Take your first step !

If you are new to this blog or the Zentangle Method, know that this relatively new Method has changed my world and I hope it will do the same for you.

Welcome to ArtsAmuse and let’s be friend ! Leave me a message below to let me know how you discovered this blog or the Zentangle Method.

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If you are interested in learning more about the Zentangle Method, it was founded about 15 years ago by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. It is an easy-to-learn method to draw beautiful images using structured patterns. Zentangle is a trademark. Go to to learn more.