5 creative simple gifts you can give

I have gathered here for you a list of 5 creative simple gifts you can give this holiday season:

#1 – A Unique Card to Say to Someone You Love: “You are Special to Me”

There is nothing that says “you are special to me” more than when you create your own artwork to give to someone you love. As an example, I have included below a card I did for a friend of mine – based on the “Embedded Letter” technique :

embedded letter by artsamuse

Why don’t you give it a try? You can find here a video with instructions from Rick and Maria, the Zentangle Method™ founders.

#2 – A Set of Art Supplies to Create A Card

Another creative simple gift you can give is a set of art supplies. You can gather, in a box, the supplies needed to realize the cards mentioned in this post. For this box, you can look for some nice kits online or gather some paper, a pen, a pencil, some colored pens or pencils and wrap it nicely.

This is a quality kit I like and you can find it here.

zentangle apprentice it by zentangle inc

#3 – A Distinctive Card for the Holiday Season

You can also make a creative simple gift with pen and paper such as this nice and unique holiday card. It doesn’t take long, and it’s very relaxing and enjoyable to draw this card.

What a reward to see the joy on your loved-one face, when you give them your handmade card!

holiday card by artsamuse

#4 – A Zentangle “Project Pack”

Zentangle, Inc designs these well curated Project Packs that include a collection of supplies that are paired with online video tutorials. Each pack has a different theme. Just so you know, the latest pack called Project Pack 12 celebrates the 12 Days of Zentangle and is available for purchase now. The videos have been released daily since Dec. 11 and stay online for a long time.

You can watch the videos for here and buy the Project Pack 12 here.

project pack 12 by zentangle inc

Zentangle, Inc has also just released a new type of Project Packs called Apprentice Project Pack that is geared toward children. The videos that accompany this pack will be released on January,19 2021. This is such a nice way to start the year creatively. This pack is also the perfect creative project for home-schooled children or children studying online this year. You can find it here

#5 – A Memorable Ornament To Grace A Christmas Tree

How special to gift someone an ornament to decorate their Christmas Tree that you have made yourself!

tree ornament by artsamuse

#6 – Bonus: Gift your loved ones a class with a Certified Zentangle Teacher™.

What a wonderful gift to give the opportunity to discover, learn, and practice the Zentangle Method! Taking a class with a Certified Zentangle Teacher is a unique experience.

You can find a Certified Zentangle Teacher near you by looking here.

Or you can also register to my online classes by buying a gift certificate here.

workshop gift certificate by artsamuse

I hope you enjoyed these 5 creative simple gifts to give this holiday season. I would love to hear in the comments below what other creative gifts ideas you have as I am always looking for more ideas!

Happy Holidays,